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Tooth Fairy's Trail

Tooth Fairy's Trail

The Tooth Fairy's Trail is a magical rhyming story filled with fun, friendship, and a sprinkle of fairy fluster that will captivate young hearts and imaginations.


Journey across the enchanting realms of Fairyland with Dink, the lovable Tooth Fairy. Flutter alongside, on a day filled with whimsical wonders and delightful friends.


But when Dink discovers she's lost all the teeth she's collected, her day turns into an unexpected quest for help! In this surprise interactive twist, young readers are invited to become part of the story, searching the beautifully illustrated scenes of Fairyland to find the missing teeth hidden throughout the pages.


Snuggle up with the Tooth Fairy's Trail and join Dink's memorable adventure, filled with friendship, teamwork, and fun!


Charming Rhyming Story

Colourful Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Themes of Friendship and Teamwork

Engaging Interactive Ending and Fun Activities

Perfect for Ages 3-8

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