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This is a magical, charming book. You feel as though you are walking through the woods, peering and looking for fairies.


This delightful rhyming story takes you on an enchanting trail through a fairy garden. Marvel at the magical scenery and you may just catch a fleeting glimpse of a fairy or two.


Fairy Gardens by Melissa Spencer, is an adorable children's book to treasure. It will captivate the imaginations of little ones as they search for signs of fairies.


A magical journey into the fantasy world of fairies, this book is interactive and engaging for young children. MC


The beautifully illustrated guide included at the end, will excite children to create their own fairy garden, inviting fairies to visit.


These 5 Star Verified Reviews sum up the book perfectly:


Fairy Gardens guides the reader through an enchanted forest, teeming with magic and life. Your kids will love searching for the fairies hidden amongst the leaves and flowers. The guide on how to make your own fairy garden is both adorable and extremely helpful. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a little fairy dust in their lives. HN


The imagery in this book is gorgeous - sometimes I am not sure how much is photo and how much is illustration... it's enough to make readers wonder if they’re getting a peek into a real-life fairy garden. Aria


I was enchanted by this lovely book. How wonderful to discover a world for fairies! A gentle, imaginative and sweet story to share with little ones. Each page is beautifully illustrated and I love the instructions on how to make your own fairy garden at the end of the story. Rainbows


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