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Santa’s Magic Elves are sent to check if children should be on the naughty or nice list.  They stay with families in the month leading up to Christmas and bring with them some Christmas spirit and a sprinkling of Elf magic. 

Sometimes Elves can get up to mischief during the night and sometimes they brings fun surprises. Children love waking up to find out what their Elf has been up to.  

When Santa drops by on Christmas Eve, the Elves hitch a ride back to the North Pole until they visit again next year!

What are Elf Antics?

Antics are the cheeky and fun activities that Elves get up to at night, when no-one is looking.  Some Elves may simply hide in a different place each night, some may get up to a bit of mischief, and some may turn your house into a winter wonderland!  

Click here to see some of the Elf antics that Buddy has got up to over the past three years

  • An Elf

  • Free Elf Kit - which includes:

    • Letter from Santa and your Elf to explain his/her visit

    • Elf report

    • Plan of activities for your Elf’s visit

    • Goodbye letter


Elves tend to become like gold dust before Christmas, so make sure you order yours early!  We have a selection of Elves available in our online store.  

Does it have to be an Elf?

No!  If you prefer, you could have a visit from a snowman, reindeer or whatever you prefer.  The best alternative I have seen this year is a plush Olaf, from Frozen (click on the photo for more information).

As well as our online store, you can find often find Elf accessories in card shops, pound shops, eBay, Etsy and sellers on Facebook.  I have added some great finds here.

Advice from a Wise Old Elf Mama

  • You make the rules!  Some families believe that if Elves are touched, they lose their magic, whereas other families are happy for the elves to be hugged and played with.  It's all up to you - having an Elf to stay should be fun, not a chore


  • Make sure Elves sleep under the Christmas tree - if they sleep in a child's bed, they might not slip out unnoticed during the night when they get up to their tricks!


  • Keep it simple - don't add stress to you Christmas preparation schedule


  • You don't need to spend a fortune - my son's favourite Elf antics were all free: finding the Christmas tree covered in pants, finding the Elf trapped in a balloon and finding him hiding in his packed lunch box at school


  • Don't cram too much in - save some ideas for next year


  • Take lots of photos - children love to look back and remember what their Elf got up to the previous year


  • Stay flexible - if you run out of time in the day, you don't have to stay up until 2am making intricate snowflakes!  Swap antics around and be prepared to change them if for example, your little one doesn't want the Elf to come into their bedroom

Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about having an Elf to stay in the run up to Christmas.  This simple guide shows you step by step how to bring some Elf magic into your home. Covers topics including Elf arrivals and departures, Elf antics, awkward questions and return visits. This book is strictly for grown-ups only!

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