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Hands up who wants to be a fairy and have lots of fun? Then join Dink, the Tooth Fairy, at Fairy School! It's packed with magical activities for you to demonstrate what a super Fairy you can be.


You will learn all about fairies and their lives in Fairyland. With instructions to follow, you can make your own fairy wings, a crown, and a wand, so you can look like a real fairy. 


There are activities for you to practise your fairy skills and show you are caring, kind, happy, and fun! These include:

-Making Cress Egg Fairies and Bzzzy Bee Seed Balls

-Making and giving Kindness hearts and stones

-Going on a Happy Fairy Nature Scavenger Hunt

-Creating fairy dress art using natural materials

-Making a fairy wishing potion and happy dreams potion


Complete these special challenges and a fun quiz, and graduate as an Honorary Fairy! Your Fairy School certificate is waiting at the back of the book!

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