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We are extremely pleased to offer a new range of Elf and Fairy books, which you can click through to purchase on Amazon

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Come and join us at Elf School, and you could graduate as an Honorary Elf. Packed with Christmas fun and magical Elf activities, this book will teach you all you need to know. Santa has set some special challenges so you can show what a super Elf you can be. Soon you'll be qualified and ready to head to the North Pole!

Everything you need to know about having an Elf to stay in the run up to Christmas.  This simple guide shows you step by step how to bring some Elf magic into your home. Covers topics including Elf arrivals and departures, Elf antics, awkward questions and return visits. This book is strictly for grown-ups only!

Click here for your free 2019 Elf Kit, which includes letters from Santa and your Elf, Elf Report and Activity Planner.

Does your Christmas Elf need help with ideas of fun Elf antics? Then look no further!  

Filled with 24-days’ Elf activities and cut-out props, certificates, planners, notes, and plenty of ideas for Elf activities, this handbook contains everything an Elf needs for a fantastic December of Elf School fun. 

So Elves… first get each of your host-children a copy of Elf School. Then use this handbook to make their Elf training even more magical. By Christmas, your host-children will be proud Honorary Elves! 

This book is for Santa's Helpers only, NOT for children! 

Celebrating individual differences and promoting self-belief, these Elves send their Elf Wishes to share their happiness with girls and boys throughout the year. 

This vibrant and colourful little book is full of powerful beliefs to instill in young minds, and inspire self-discovery, confidence and stimulating discussion.

Click here for your free Elf Activity Sheets 

Santa's Elves love Christmas. In this cute and colourful little book, the Elves have come together to bring you 24 of their favourite festive traditions and activities, to give you the most fun countdown to Christmas ever!

Click here for your free colour-in Elf Christmas Countdown

Click here for Melissa Spencer's Amazon Page to see all books available and to order.

The Fairy Wonderland Handbook is a delightful children's guide to fairies. 
Beautifully illustrated, the handbook lets children know all about different types of fairies, what they're like, where they live, and what they enjoy. 

This lovely little book also describes how children can invite a fairy to stay by installing a fairy door, fairy house or creating a miniature fairy garden. 

The Fairy Wonderland Handbook inspires the imaginations of children and brings the magic of fairies to life.

Please note: all the Merry Elfmas freebies and downloads are copyrighted and to be used for personal use only.  Under no circumstances should these downloads be used for any commercial purposes by anyone other than Merry Elfmas.

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